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Are you a teacher of a Flow/Spinning/Juggling Art? Think you’ve got what it takes to create a course and sell it online? Any teacher can create tutorials and sell their course on the LearnFlowArts platform. We love to collaborate and want to offer as many unique courses as we can. Contact us and we will email you the required information to help get you started.

While our offer is open to anyone, we will only accept high quality material. You must be able to convey your skills and theory in a manner that students can understand. We review all courses before we will allow them to be published on this site.

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Yes you Can!

Our aim is to provide a great learning resource at an affordable price. We want the best teachers to design and create a learning system of links and technique maps that will allow the student to learn at a pace and order that specifically suits them. First, we will work with you to create a flow diagram for your art form. Using our instructor backend, you can create all your course content right here on the site and finally, send us your video and subtitle files and we’ll upload and link them to your content! We are also looking for translators to translate the subtitles into various languages. Think you can help? Let us know!

The tutorials on this site are part of a much greater system designed not just to give a single trick, but a foundation in the prop or discipline. We can help you break down your knowledge into  manageable sections and create a flow diagram that helps students aim straight for the tricks they want, or gain expertise in the full breadth of your art form.

We aim to provide our instructors with the highest share of income possible, while maintaining the website into the long term future. There are many small costs that add up to provide this service!

Visit our facebook page at and ask us anything! Alternatively, send us an email on the Contact Us page.

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