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Welcome to LearnFlowArts.com . Here we specialize in providing high-quality integrated learning systems for a large variety of kinetic /Circus Art forms, that are often too unique to find a local teacher in your area. We have created a learning platform with all types of learners in mind.

The system of links and technique maps that we are developing will allow the student to learn at a pace and order that specifically suits them. Every tutorial is surrounded with links to connecting movements and fundamental techniques, enabling students to take a fully rounded path to mastery, or shoot straight for the skills they want first.

The meeting of an Engineer, a Neuroscientist, and an Artist who all share a passion for spinning / kinetic Art forms paved the way for the creation of this project. Mr Jedly, Mr. Galactica, and Mr. E are acclaimed staff artists whose technique developments are taught all over the globe. They came together sharing most of their knowledge and teaching methods with each other. Shortly after hundreds of tutorials were filmed and an inter-connected integrated learning system was designed. Stay tuned for the release of a vast compilation of movement knowledge, theory, and application.

October 14, 2015

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